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When It Comes to Leaflet Distribution

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Leaflet Distribution

Getting your leaflets through the doors of your customers houses is not an easy
task, Which is why, We at Leaflet Ewe are here to help you with,

There is no other marketing medium that gets you into every home in the local
area, your leaflet is read 4.5 times, the more relevant, that better the response, if you
are looking to build a bigger local brand, you need leaflets.

When you market with Leaflet, you business, is not competing with other competitors,
you have the potential customers undivided attention, this has shown us that leads
from Leaflet tend to convert better! would you like stronger leads ringing you?

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Leaflet Distribution Services

From Targeted Areas, to Mass leaflet distribution in Newport, Cwmbran, Blackwood and Abergavenny, We at Leaflet Ewe are experts in leaflet distribution, we will get your leaflet delivered!

We have 7 key processes to make sure your leaflets are delivered, from GPS and part time workers (this is key) to prepping all the work for our workers to make the work easier for our workers to deliver!

Leaflet distribution is not an easy task, it takes about 7-10 hours to deliver to a 1000 houses, this is the core reason why we use part time workers, Part time workers are happier to deliver, they are not hindered by the rain, and can see Leaflet delivering as a hobby, walking for more than 3 hours a day isn’t easy for the more experienced walkers, and this is what most leaflet delivering companies are asking their delivers to do, after 3 hours of delivering, the works enthusiasm drops and has a higher chance or leading to problems in delivering. If you are wanting to get your business Leaflets to Allt Yr YN, Malpas and St Julians areas, we have the team that will deliver for you!

If you would like us to help you deliver Your Leaflets, please call us today and we will help get your leaflet distributed

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