Leaflet Ewe

Leaflet Ewe

When It Comes To Delivering, We know Our Distribution Areas

Areas / Covered

We have delivered to nearly every house in the NP area, we hope our
understanding helps you get more business from our leaflet distribution!

Newport (NP19 & 20)

Newport is a very diverse area, an old industrial/shipping town, the people are mainly working class to skilled workers, there is a high aging population also, but more younger families are starting to call Newport their home, there is a lot of old houses, but new builds are starting to show in areas. With quick access to Cardiff and Bristol via the M4 you can see the appeal of leaflet distribution to these areas! Malpas to Bettws, with Allt Yr YN in NP20, and St Julians to Ringland, you know you have 60,000 houses to target

Cwmbran (NP44)

Cwmbran is a very new town, mainly finding its feet in the 60s with the building of the town center (that still shows this design to this day), Cwmbran is known as the dizzy town for its love of roundabouts, cited as having the most per kilometer, you have a very wide range, Cwmbran being a mainly family town, with a highly skilled workforce. From Croesyceiliog to Henllys you have 24000 houses to target with your leaflet distribution.

Pontypool (NP4)

Pontypool is a heart town, there is a lot of old mining heart, from Rugby to work ethic, there is a lot of history that you can not take away from Pontypool, you have a very high worker population and an old population also, the town starts from New Inn, and finished at Blaenavon, a heritage site. With nearly 20,000 houses, leaflets distribution tested here is a good start.

Abergavenny and Usk (NP7 & 15)

Abergavenny and Usk are both Market towns, with long histories dating back 1000s of years covering the two areas you would need 10,000 leaflets, this covers the main built up areas with Leaflet distribution, you will be marketing to a wide audience of mainly affluent older clients, if you are looking to test a good product or service, Aberganevnny and Usk are seen as good options

Rogerstone (N10)

Just of the M4 motorway you have a long stretch of 10,000 houses that cover the NP10 area, this includes Bassaleg, High Cross and Rogerstone, you have a good mix but mainly skilled workers, the area is seen as affluent, with Leaflet distribution, this matches Abergavenny for testing, there is a lot of expansion going on on the old works site, with Tiny Rebel base of operation located here!

Risca (N11)

Built up from the Rails and the Canals that helped the mining industry in the area, now home to nearly 12000 houses, leaflet distribution is very hard in some parts, with the main estate nextled between two mountains, history of Rhisga (Welsh for Risca) dates back to the Iron age, with a Iron age site located on the Twmbarlwm mountain, there is a Purpose built Bike track in the CrossKeys area that bring in Tourist for those steep hillsides!

Blackwood (N12)

Blackwood is an interesting town, of 12500 houses, and growing, but not a lot know that this is the birth place of the Welsh national anthem, also, the first person to pick up the distress radio signal of the HMS Titanic as she was sinking Artie Moore, with a Radio that he built himself, you have a diverse demographic, mainly working class, but with areas of affluence, leaflet distribution in Blackwood is a good target for the growing business!

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